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                                               LITTERA Edebiyat Yazıları
Journal for the Study Research of World Lıteratures

                                                    PUBLICATION POLICY


LITTERA Edebiyat Yazıları - Journal for the Study and Research of World Literatures- brings together world literatures, the varıous fields of literary study, original research and readings in literary theory, essays and translations which fill a gap in the field, and also contributions to discussion, criticism and scholarly assessment.


The journal also welcomes literary works such as poetry and short stories where the Editorial Board deems this appropriate.


The aims of thejournal are to introduce to the reader scholarly research, new studies and innovative approaches, to cultivate the relations between different literatures, to present the reader with the opportunity for comparative study and to demonstrate the value of a holistic approach to literature by bringing together in one place artistic works and research.

The journal also aims to contribute to the advancement of literary theory and methodology, where necessary publishing special issues and volumes and organizing events such as symposia, panels and seminars related to the topics listed in the “Description” given above.

General Conditions for Publication

The editor and Editorial Board have the right to make corrections to articles on questions of language and expession.

The editor and Editorial Board may not publish articles which do not comply with the Publication Policy and the Submission Instructions for manuscripts, or may request that the writer make the relevant corrections.

The decision whether to puslish an article will not be communicated to authors. Whether published or not, articles will not be returned to authors.

The responsibility for content and above all for matters of scholarly integrity rests with authors while copyright for published articles resides with LITTERA Edebiyat Yazıları. An article published in LITTERA Edebiyat Yazıları may not be published elsewhere without the permission of the Editoral Board. No fee will be paid to the authors or referees of articles.

Two copies of the relevant issue of LITTERA Edebiyat Yazıları will be sent to authors whose work is published, and one copy will be sent to the referees, members of the Editorial Board and those responsible for bringing the issue to press.



Refereed assessment
Articles submitted for publication will be sent for scholarly assessment to referees who are experts in the appropriate field to be determined by the Editorial Committee. The name of the author will not be revealed to the referees; nor will the names of referees be revealed to authors. The final decision on publication will rest with the Editorial  Committee, taking account of the assessment of the referees. It is the responsibility of authors to make any required changes to the manuscript of the article and to supply the amended manuscript.

Referees’reports will be retained for two years from the date of the report.

Principles of Typing and Printing

The required format is Microsoft Word for Windows. Text should be written in Times New Roman font, 12 sized, double spaced throughout, with 3 cm margins from left and right. Three hard copies on A4 paper and one soft copy on a 3.5’’ IBM compatible diskette should be sent to the mail address.

Articles should not exceed 20 pages.

Cover Page Layout

  1. Name of the author (upper left corner, left aligned)


  1. Title of the article (left aligned)
  1. Name of the translator for translated articles (right aligned)


  1. For Turkish articles, an English, French, or German summary up to 100 words under the heading of SUMMARY, RESUME, or ZUSAMMENFASSUNG

The translation of the title and the summary text should be placed under the heading of summary. For articles written in a foreign language, a summary in Turkish should be given under the heading of ÖZET.

  1. Keywords (5 – 10 words) should be given in the language of the summary first, and then in the language of the article.


  1. Biografical information should be given at the bottom of the page with an asterisk (*).
  1. Further information about the article or the original text for translated articles should be given at the bottom of the page with the symbol (**).


  1. Biografical information for the translator should be given at the bottom of the page with the symbol (***).

Footnotes and Bibliography
Footnotes should be given at the end of the article under the heading FOOTNOTES.  Where it is necessary to indicate a source within the text, this will be included in parentheses and will not be numbered. The bibliography comes after the footnote page under the heading BIBLIOGRAPHY. Bibliographical information data is to be ordered in accordance with an alphabetical order of the surnames or the publication year which is followed by first name and surname of the author.