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“Children literature”  (Special section) 1992
“Postmodernicism” (Special section) 1992
“Translation” (Special section) 1993

Volume 5

“Cengiz Aytmatov” (Special section) 1994
“Cahit Külebi in french” (Special section) 1995
“André Gide” (Special issue) 1998
“Jean Genet” (Special issue) 2001
“Comparative literature and imagological stadies” (Special section) April 2003
“Spanish Literature” (Special issue) September 2003
“George Sand” (Special section) June 2005
“Literary Theories” (Special section) December 2005
“Why Literature?” (Special issue) June 2008
“Sylvie Germain” (Special issue) June 2009
“Literature and Science” (Special issue) December 2011
“Jean-Jacques Rousseau” (Special issue) December 2012
“Translation” (Special section) June 2013
“Translation” (Special section) June 2014